Announcement: COVID-19 Coronavirus

Dear brothers and sisters,

As you all know, this is a unique time in all of our lives! The Army & Navy Academy has closed the entire campus including the Chapel in order to limit gatherings in the wake of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

We will worship in our homes at our regular times of 10am & 5pm as Pastor Danny will live-stream from his home on our YouTube channel.

This is also a time to express love for your neighbors both in and out of the church. Economically, things may be difficult for some of us, while others may have needs due to illness or physical limitations. If you need anything tangible, reach out to a brother or sister or contact one of the deacons. If you think someone may be in need, want to check in with someone, pray with someone, please reach out to one another during this time. The consistory will be reaching out to you all as well during this time (if you’d like to talk to an elder, contact us).

As Christians we have no need to fear or panic. Our trust is in the Lord, who's made and redeemed us, and who upholds us day by day in his tender hand. May we entrust ourselves to him and be a witness of his grace to our unsaved neighbors during this time!

Every blessing!

The Consistory


“Welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God” (Paul to the church in Rome, 15:7)

Welcome! Lots of churches say it, but what do they mean? For "liberal" churches "welcome" means "you don't have to change." For "legalistic" churches "welcome" means "you have to clean up your life first." For us, we believe Jesus invites you, whoever you are, and that he promises to change your life from the inside out one day at a time.

We know that visiting a new church can bring either great excitement or anxiety. We’ve all been there. Part of that excitement and anxiety is finding your place in the life of a new church. This site is just one part of welcoming you into our church family, helping you understand our beliefs, worship, and life together. We invite you to join us in the worship of the glorious and gracious Triune God, learn the Word of God with us, get to know us in genuine love.

The Lord be with you.

Pastor Danny

What is the Gospel?

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God” (Mark's Gospel, 1:1)

The "gospel" or "good news" is God's message to a world of rebellious sinners like us that he has provided a Savior to bring us back to himself: Jesus. By his holy birth, perfect life, sacrificial death on the cross, triumphant resurrection, and ascension back to heaven, Jesus saves sinners from God's wrath and from their own sins.

This message is the heart of the historic Christian Faith and our church families' preaching, teaching, praying, singing, and fellowshipping together. We invite you to listen to this 2-minute message and then join us: Video